RCSI Trainer Resources


The role of trainer in an RCSI surgical training programme is diverse and often complex. Our trainers are tasked with balancing the objectives of the delivery of patient care and the provision of high-quality training, while guiding trainees along the path to becoming a specialist in their chosen area.


Our trainers are:


  • Registered on the relevant specialist division of the Opens in new windowMedical Council Register


  • Registered on a professional competence scheme


  • Practice at consultant level in Ireland


  • Our trainers are focused on overseeing our trainees’ development and education at all training levels, through their involvement in teaching, training, evaluation and supervision.


  • RCSI is committed to ensuring that the supports in place for both our trainees and trainers keep pace with the ever-changing healthcare environment. We engage regularly with our trainer body through our Annual Trainer Engagement Survey and provide a number of resources and supports. These include:

Faculty of Surgical Trainers

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ISCP Trainers Portal

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Training & Resources

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